ADHD Coaches Guide for Clients

Here is some great content from fellow coach Russell Colver, CPCC.  The piece is a bit dated but the content is still very relevant.  Great descriptions of the ADHD experience.  Russell was a pioneer in bringing ADHD coaching to the college ranks starting a program … Read more

Testing the Margins of Forgiveness


On the outside Eric looked really quite impressive. He had advanced degrees in medicine and business, a title of Principal in a respected global policy think tank and a long line of influential projects to attach his name to. On the inside Eric felt anything but impressive. … Read more

Developing Habit Awareness

I need to … Start exercising! Finish projects!   I want to … Start meditating! Spend more time with my kids!   We all know the value of good habits. Research points to the benefits of developing consistent habits, that successful individuals are more likely … Read more

ADHD and Knowing When to Refuel

Sanc·tu·ar·y 1. a place of refuge or safety. 2. a nature reserve. Re·fuel·ing in Sanc·tu·ar·y 1. attending to self-care needs. 2. building reserves. 3. reinforcing bandwidth. We all know the benefit of self-care activities like exercise, meditation or a walk with a friend. We read … Read more