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Big Rocks

Are you accessing the Big Rocks in your life? Are you living the life you want to live? If you are a Global Creative you are likely a master of the urgent, and sometimes even the urgently important, but how do you rate spending time … Read more…


February – Fostering Mindful Change

Coaches!  Learn how to use the AEC model in my new subscription based course, Fostering Mindful Change offered through Coach Approach.  Here’s what past participant Kathie England says about FMC. Fostering Mindful Change (FMC) has provided a wonderful opportunity to facilitate my own growth as a … Read more…


A third of my practice is dedicated to training and mentoring ADHD coaches.  I am a tele-class leader for two coach training programs including the ADD Coach Academy.  The collective knowledge I draw on when training coaching students is the same when coaching my clients.

Welcome to my coaching resource page! Here you will find links to additional coaching resources and information.