What is a Global Creative?

Many innovative professionals who have ADHD do not identify with all the ADHD characteristics listed in the DSM-V. ADHD is a spectrum disorder impacting individuals to varying degrees and in varying ways.

In this video I share the term Global Creative, an expression I use to describe smart, innovative professionals and entrepreneurs who can still be held back by ADHD challenges.

2 thoughts on “What is a Global Creative?

  1. Cameron – Though I have never quite met the criteria for an AD/HD diagnosis, I definitely have some of the “global creative” traits that you describe.

    For example, I have a postcard, “Trust your crazy ideas.” (Dan Zandra) that I framed in my 20’s or 30’s when I had lots and lots of ideas – and actually successfully implemented many of them! The framed quote gave me inspiration to trust my ideas. However, one thing I found out was that I couldn’t keep acting on all those crazy (and wonderful!) ideas and achieve the balance I needed in my life.

    Your post is spot on about “Global Creatives” and it’s great that your AD/HD coaching is helping so many of them!

  2. Thanks for the great comment, Camille and welcome to the club! 🙂
    The term Global Creative resonates for those where ADHD doesn’t quite fit. The very elements of creativity make it more challenging for GC’s to assess ‘feasibility of completion’. Never a dull moment, right?
    More resources
    recent blogs on the challenge of too many ideas…
    L of REBEL is Limitscope
    Open book Learning distinguishes how we all process info – sequentially and by association. Frank Sopper the founder, doesn’t refer to ADHD specifically but it seems to me most Global Creatives prefer to process info by association. This contributes to our propensity to entertain more ideas than we can possibly complete.

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