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Strategies to Find an ADHD Coach

There are a lot of great ADHD coaches out there with excellent coaching programs but how do you find the best one for you?

With so many online resources in both the coaching world and the ADHD education world it can be daunting to find an ADHD coach who matches up with your coaching needs.  Following these strategies can help expedite the process:

Be a partner in the discovery process.  Get clear on your own goals and needs for coaching before you speak to any coach.  Research what coaching is and is not.  Research the different ADHD coaching niches.  Believe it our not there are lots of coaches who focus in very specific areas. Good resources - ICF, ACO, PAAC.

Work with a real ADHD coach.  Anyone can call themselves a coach and anyone can call themselves an ADHD specialist. Ask them about their own credentials, training and experience.  A good ADHD coach has a solid balance of ADHD training, ICF approved coach training and several hundred client hours.  A good ADHD coach has taken a training course in ADHD coaching.  Ask for references from other coaches and clients.  Working with student-coaches is fine but expect to get a price break to support their development as a coach.

Work with a coach who is more than a great entrepreneur.  In the enrolling process pay attention to what the coach does in addition to enrolling you in his program.  A good seller does not necessarily make a good coach.  Coaching follows an action/learning model.  Invite your prospective coach to paint a picture 3 months down the road in the coaching process - What are you doing?  What is a measurement of success?  What is effective coaching support?

Talk to at-least 3 coaches.  Match is everything in coaching where effective patnering is paramount.  Ask yourself if this coach really understands who you are and can appreciate where you want to go.  Don't let a sense of urgency rush the process.  There is no one coach who you must work with.

Talk to someone who has worked with an ADHD coach.  Are they happy with the process?  What you they like about their coach and the coaching process?

Finding an ADHD coach does not have to be an overwhelming experience.  Make a plan and take one step at a time and you will find the right coach for you.

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