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ADHD and Breaking Free of the Adrenaline Response Cycle


If you have ADHD you are no stranger to utilizing hyper-focus and working to deadlines. Working under pressure can be an effective go-to asset in the workplace, but habitual use of this approach can make you vulnerable to an adrenaline response cycle (ARC) where you can become too dependent on urgency and pressure to get things done. A cycle of delay, delay, mad dash, crash and recovery ensues.

A few months ago I had a chance to be a part of Laurie Dupar's Succeed With ADHD Tele-Summit where she brought together thought leaders and coaches from the field of ADHD.  Below is the audio interview I did with Laurie.  I would never suggest that one abandon a go-to motivator like hyper-engagement (my definition of hyper-focus).  The opportunity is to add motivators like inspiration that access parts of the brain other than the fight-or-flight center and access positive emotions rather than the negative emotions associated with consequence-driven activity.

In this presentation, we:

  • Define ARC and identify how smart people fall into this way of work by how they approach work and view time

  • Share how inspiration and choice can be an effective antidote to urgency-based work production

  • Demonstrate how everyone can benefit by thinking like a leader to give them a strategic advantage and lessen the impact of ARC

  • Explain how small gestures of practice everyday can lead to diversifying motivators beyond urgency and break the adrenaline response cycle.


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