Curious Accountability: Chapter One

Want to fundamentally shift the way you work with others around intention, commitment, agreements, expectations and accountability? Curious Accountability: Three Coaching Conversations for Better Client Results provides a step-by-step process for coaches to help clients understand how accountability can be a positive tool in getting their own meaningful … Read more

Big Rocks

Covey's Big Rocks

Are you accessing the Big Rocks in your life? Are you living the life you want to live? If you are a Global Creative you are likely a master of the urgent, and sometimes even the urgently important, but how do you rate spending time … Read more

Supporting Effective Use of Time

Coaches – The coaching opportunity with the ‘musical chairs challenge with time’ is to stop the music and identify the chairs most important to the client.  The coaching session is a wonderful moment in the week for the client to push the pause button on the … Read more

Locating Client Power

I just finished a Group Mentor Coaching class with an advanced group of students.  The powerful coaching in the call had us reflect on how we help our clients. We help our clients locate and relocate their power by helping them give language and awareness to their … Read more

Leading with Coaching Presence

The ICF Core Competencies are an excellent guide for practicing consistent coaching standards. But if you are relatively new to coaching, the competencies can be a challenge to convert into excellent coaching practices. Often coaches approach them in a linear fashion beginning at the top with Establishing … Read more