Coaching with Cam

Coaching can help you master your own time and help you become your own best resource

There are two parts to my coaching process: The Intensive Stage and The Maintenance Stage.

1. The Intensive Stage is 6 months. During this period we will have 3 one-on-one coaching sessions per month, in which we will work to clarify your goals, identify actions, and create accountability to take you to the next level. Some people achieve what they need during this first stage, while others choose to continue on to the maintenance stage.

2. The Maintenance Stage is an ongoing process until your goals are achieved. During that period, our coaching sessions will generally be less frequent, and we will solidify the work we did in the intensive stage.

In both stages, we use phone, e-mail and text support to encourage dialogue and create accountability.

I coach using the Awareness, Engagement, and Completion (AEC) model. This process takes place on a macro scale, providing an overarching framework for your process and our coaching partnership. It will also appear on a more micro scale as we explore specific goals and challenges.


  • orient you and your coach to your unique environment—the opportunities at hand and the ADHD challenges that stand in the way
  • discover how your greatest asset – time – can be better utilized
  • define goals, strengths, challenges and resources
  • identify key supports – people to add to your ‘positive sphere’
  • elevate creative assets and limit creative distractors
  • clarify the ultimate goal


  • action plans that maximize how you work best
  • skills needed to reach your goals
  • practice the process to create and duplicate Strategic Advantage
  • engage key supports by distinguishing roles and delegating effectively
  • accountability without judgment
  • toolbox of best practices from your essential core elements—your  values, principles and strengths


  • arrive at your destination
  • apply the new best practices you’ve developed
  • build competence, capacity, confidence and momentum

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