Coach Training, Mentoring and Supervision

A third of my practice is dedicated to training and mentoring ADHD coaches.  I am a tele-class leader for two coach training programs.  The collective knowledge I draw on when training coaching students is the same when coaching my clients.

I create coaching models and classes and train coaches with Denslow Brown MCC, at Coach Approach for Organizers.  In addition to offering comprehensive ADHD coach training, I support professional organizers and experienced ADHD coaches with mentoring, supervision and advanced coach training.

Coaches, Is this you?

  • I know about ADHD, but I feel I could be more effective with my ADHD clients.
  • I want to help my clients become more aware of the impact of their ADHD and help them discover their true gifts.
  • I’m a good coach but I want to take my coaching to the next level.
  • I’m looking for a mentor who knows a lot about ADHD and coaching.
  • I want my mentoring experience to be relevant, informative, inspiring, and fun.
  • I’d like my coaching to be more holistic than task-list driven.
  • I want a cost-effective option to obtain the 10 mentor coaching hours I need to get my ICF certification.

Mentor Coaching and Supervision with Cam can take your own coaching to the next level

A solid coaching practice is established through a solid practice of coaching.  Mentor coaching with Cam focuses on strengthening your skills and techniques.  My program shies away from expert/formulaic approaches I see offered from the ‘Big Box’ mentoring programs.  We actually embrace a coaching process in your development as a coach!  Together we determine your best gifts to create a unique offering to the coaching world.  We also thoroughly prepare you for a number of coaching credentials (ACC & PCC for ICF, COC & PCOC for Coach Approach, CACP for PAAC and AAC & ACG for ADDCA) and their live and recorded call requirements.

Do you want the support of a mentor coach with out the skills-only focus?  Cam offers Supervision services to certified coaches who want to benefit from a supervision model. Cam provides targeted support and a reflective dialogue model supporting coaches in all areas of professional development.  A case scenario approach to supervision can be very effective.

ICF defines Coaching Supervision as follows:

“Coaching Supervision is the interaction that occurs when a coach periodically brings his or her coaching work experiences to a coaching supervisor in order to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and his or her clients.”




  • take inventory and define coaching goals, strengths, skills to develop, and areas to stretch
  • orient you to your unique opportunity as a developing ADHD coach
  • clarify successful outcome of mentoring


  • multiple approaches to skill development through practice, modeling, listening and active discussion
  • provide accountability in a learning environment
  • listen to and evaluate your own audio recordings with your own clients
  • build the toolbox of your best coaching practices


  • identify your unique offering and how to communicate it with confidence
  • see a big difference in how you interact with your clients
  • build competence, capacity, confidence and momentum


I. Group Mentor Coaching:

  • small class size to maximize practice and learning
  • fun and spontaneous atmosphere
  • custom lengths to satisfy ICF and ADDCA requirements
  • clear and simple interpretation of the ICF Core Competencies.
  • competitively priced

II. Individual Mentor Coaching

  • custom program tailored to the individual’s needs
  • focus on building coaching practice and practicing coaching skills
  • unlimited access to coaching resources, models and forms


  5 hour GMC: $495  >> Click to get started!

  10 hour GMC: $975 (includes 3 individual hours)
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  Individual: $500 per month  >> Click to get started!