Awareness Engagement Completion


aecThe AEC Coaching Model is what I use with all of my clients to help them develop the skills for effective follow-thru.  Developed with Denslow Brown, the AEC Model is an integral part of our ADHD coach training program at Coach Approach for Organizers

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The Rope Bridge



Change is hard. Change is also a process. Exploring the process of change can make change a lot easier to happen. A rope bridge can serve as an excellent metaphor for the process for change. It taps into two underutilized human attributes – operating from a place of strength (resources) and also our powerful visualization abilities (imagination).

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Articulating ADHD

Cameron Gott, PCC BCC

Picture1We need a way to share the ADHD awareness gap with our clients and get them curious about the breakdowns they experience (cognitive, emotional, other).  Begin with a model for change – The AEC Model is one example.  There are many effective models available.

I make the important distinction of having an experience and observing one’s experience (meta-cognition).  I share the model to provide them with a context and a suggested process forward.  The model informs them of:

  1. Another way to view what they may be lacking (useful awareness and effective engagement).
  2. What we are doing in the coaching – developing more awareness, engagement and completion.  I make developing all three an expectation of the coaching (in addition to – and as a means of — reaching their goals).

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