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About Cam


I work with creative and resourceful professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners or “Global Creatives” all over the country and help them match action with intention.

I’ve been on the ADHD learning path for over 20 years as an entrepreneur, a coach, an educator, and an individual with ADHD. Instead of succumbing to the challenges and pitfalls, which have been plentiful, I have embraced the opportunity to learn from my experience and share my learning with my clients and my coaching students. Along the way I have not only learned about living and thriving with ADHD, I have learned where my unique strengths lie and where I can make a real difference. This is the stuff of basic human desire. We all want to contribute to some greater good. Consistently engaging the things that matter most will get you there but ADHD has a unique way of throwing a wrench into the best-laid intentions. When you work with me you gain 20 years of experience, wisdom and insight to inform better awareness, more effective practices and fulfilling results.

Imagine having a resource farther down the ADHD learning path to help you make better plans, make better choices and have more rewarding relationships and fulfilling results.

Positive Accountability Thought Leader

In 2003 a seminal ADHD learning moment occurred when I realized my greatest challenge. I had a new awareness - that I did not complete things. Not only did I not complete tasks and projects, I did not complete conversations or even thoughts! I would map out a destination and start down a path and before getting to any meaningful completion point I would jump to a new path lured by the excitement of a new idea or initiative. Nearly ten years after my initial diagnosis I was realizing the true impact of ADHD and it was inhibiting my ability to make a rich and fulfilling life. Instead of shying away from this dilemma around completion I leaned in and became an expert in all areas related to effective completion. I learned about ADHD, first and foremost. I also dug in to all areas related to creating positive and sustained change. I developed coaching models related to change and wrote an ebook on positive accountability practices. My library of content has been tested and refined both in working with individuals and training coaching students in three separate accredited coach training programs.

Now I present, coach, train and collaborate on a number of topics near and dear to my heart.

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