Coaching with Cam

As I reflect over the past 7 months and the process you have helped me move through, I can’t help but think that I am in many ways a very different person. My confidence in myself as well as a healthy reliance on my peers and directs has increased. I feel so much better positioned for personal as well as professional success.  Shifting my primary mode from ‘urgent and reactive’ to ‘strategic and proactive’, I am now appreciating a very real freedom to lead.  I very much appreciate what you helped me learn and develop.

Brad H., Director of Quality Engineering, Concur Technologies Inc., Vienna, VA

“For me, this coaching process is giving me a lens, or model to view my world through that makes sense for the way I process information and think about things – as a Global Creative.  It is bringing me a growing awareness of how to view and figure out why/how/when I use my strengths, and why/how/when I use my weaknesses, and a slow but steady process of working on both.  The greatest blessing is that it has helped me to lower “shame” in the thought processes and feelings and motivations of how I think about and get things done (or don’t get things done), and live in the process.”

Jon, CEO of mid-size healthcare company in Texas

“I started working with Cam about 2 years ago.   In the beginning, my business was running me.   Tasks were all done the “conventional” way, which may work for some managers, but this was not optimal for me.  Now we’ve changed the way I operate, which fits my personality and my style.  This is MUCH more effective and is significantly easier for me to manage the business.  The other great thing about Cam is that he really understands the way my brain and personality work.  I was able to get results super fast because of Cam’s experience working with managers like me.  I consider myself very creative with excellent vision and a great understanding of people.  But when it comes to managing programs, keeping a large number of people on track or working through mundane issues, I’m not the best.  Cam was able to help me find solutions to these issues and become more productive in many areas.”

Gil Zaharoni, CEO, Symmetry Electronics Corp.

“Cameron’s coaching led to a gradual but fundamental shift in my mindset. Under his coaching I finished law school, took the bar, and experienced real success at my new job.”
Mark, attorney in Texas

“I’ve used our work together to understand how creativity can go hyper and get in my way. Thanks to Cam’s extraordinary approach, I’m learning how to make my talent work FOR me.
Ginger, novelist in Virginia

“Working with Cameron gave me clarity on what my professional priorities are and how to effectively pursue them.”
BJ Grau, Business and Technology Entrepreneur

Mentoring with Cam

“Cam mentors with a transparent, authentic and completely welcoming (and fun!) approach. I highly recommend Cam.”
Andrea Nordstrom, ADDCA Graduate and ADHD Coach

“If you are an ADHD coach that wants to become a great coach, Cameron Gott’s group mentoring program something you need to do.”
Brian Ferdinand, ADDCA Graduate and ADHD Coach

Training with Cam

“Cam is an excellent trainer and communicator. I always use the word ELEGANT to describe his training and his coaching (think Fred Astaire). I recommend him highly.”
Denslow Brown, MCC

“Cameron is a gifted instructor. His ability to share his knowledge, ask thought-provoking questions, listen intently, and reflect back is rare.”
Linda Samuels, Owner, Oh, So Organized!

“As a student of the Coach Approach for Organizers for almost three years that led to my Certified Organizer Coach designation, Cam was with me every step of the way.”
Patty Kreamer, Certified Organizer Coach

“Cameron Gott’s teaching style: open, curious, creative and quick on his feet. His Awareness Engagement-Completion model is brilliant. He listens and teaches with curiosity, always.”
Sue West, Certified Organizer Coach & AD/HD Specialist

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