Who I Coach

You are a small business owner, professional or entrepreneur wanting more focus and follow-through.  

You are someone curious about living a better life with ADHD.

You have something very important – a job, an opportunity, a life shifting intention – that is not getting enough time, attention, action or completion.  You are my clients, my students, and my peers – we are Global Creatives.

Who I Coach: You

Together, we identify what really matters in your life and build a framework to get you there. You can get there on your own but when you coach with me, you will have a willing, supportive and enthusiastic partner who understands your unique brain wiring.

Is This You?
  • I spend much of my time doing what’s important to others, never getting to the stuff that really matters to me.

  • I have too many ideas and not enough action.

  • Time is a complete mystery to me. Often it feels abundant, but before a deadline it is worth more than gold.

  • Uncertainty unhinges me. Overwhelm shuts me down.

  • Maintaining professional relationships is necessary but exhausting. Developing effective processes is important but so tedious.

  • I have a sense of what I want but am often overwhelmed by how to get it done.

  • I feel that if I can harness my assets I can be more productive and take my game to the next level.

  • I want more consistency in my day and more control of my time.

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