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Coaching with Cam

Coaching with Cam

35,000 Choices, Snow Globes and Paths Forward

I love nature and I love adventure. I am always striving to combine the two. I love riding a mountain bike deep in the woods with my son. I love sailing among the rocky islands off the coast of Maine with my family. I love hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here, what is important and real comes front of mind. Here, a simplicity of necessity is very much in effect. If my son and I make a mistake or a wrong choice in the backwoods on our bikes, the impact can be very immediate and significant. We prepare as well as we can and engage activities within our limits but we are not impervious to risk or failure. When we make poor choices we clean our scrapes, learn from the experience and move on. When we make good choices we are rewarded with a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

Success at work is not so clear. What is most relevant is not always clear especially for the individual in a decision-making position - the boss, the entrepreneur, the professional, the leader. It is said that we are confronted with 35,000 decisions every day. For leaders these decisions can have implications well beyond their own workspace. The leader with ADHD is faced with hundreds of calculations and decisions that are not always crystal clear. Operating with ADHD in a highly dynamic work environment with big opportunities and bigger risks is like trying to operate in a constantly shaken snow globe. ADHD impairs our ability to identify priorities and execute on them to a realistic completion point.

Imagine if the decision-making process around priority, execution and delegation became a lot simpler?

Imagine if you found a way to manage your ADHD where it became more of an asset than a hindrance?

Imagine if you found a way to steady the swirling snow globe?

I help my clients identify best-practices to steady the swirling snow globe, to reclaim their attention, to identify real priorities and to develop realistic action plans. More important, we develop effective agreements regarding accountability and expectations to fully support you, the client, as you travel along your own path of decision-making and key completions.

Together, we’ll identify what really matters in your life and build a Realistic framework to get you there.