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Four Signs Your Coach is Not a Real Coach

We all know bad golf when we see it. We also know good golf when we see it. The best golfers have natural talents but they also put time in on the practice range and they hire a swing coach.  Bad coaching is an unfortunate by-product of the coaching profession. Unlike golf, it’s not easy to spot bad coaching. This is mostly due to ignorance on the part of the practitioner and multiple definitions of ‘coach’. But you, the consumer, can inoculate yourself from bad coaching if you pay attention to the warning signs below. Be wary if your ‘coach’:

Talks more than listens. Many people confuse coach and consultant. Coaches do not tell or give advice. They ask questions, listen, and reflect what they hear.

Listens more than they partner. The quiet practitioner, deep in thought and his notes, is not coaching. Partnering is about co-creating a dynamic and relevant space where the coach and client can discover goals and dreams, develop action plans and explore new learning together.  Make sure your coach is making space for your ideas and expertise.

Views coaching as a talent not a skill-set. Being naturally intuitive will improve the coaching experience, but it does not make one a coach. Coaching is a unique set of skills that is learned through intense practice and training from accredited programs.Unfortunately, it can be faked, distorted, or not done at all because often many do not know what real coaching looks like (and the ‘coach’ doesn’t either).

Is vague about their own coach training. You want a competent and experienced pilot at the controls of your plane, right? You want the same for the person you are entrusting to support you in the changes you want to make. If a coach is not transparent about their experience and training then be wary.

Choice is an excellent tool in hiring a coach to fix your swing, facilitate change or help manage your ADHD.  Speak with several possible coaches and make an informed choice. You are in the drivers seat.