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Motivating Gifts for our Clients

I can not tell you how many times I have been asked by coaching students, "How do I motivate my clients?" What if I said that is not your job as a coach?


Many "coaches" see motivation as one of their key deliverables.  They are not coaching.  They are cheerleading.

When we motivate our clients we strip them of ability to create there own unique motivation tools and quite possibly establish a dependency.

When we shift the deliverable from motivation to 'motivation ownership',  both coach and the client will benefit.

Your client will be more resourceful with the ability to create there own motivation, there own initiation.

You as the coach release yourself from this heavy responsibility that fuels enabling behaviors.  As a lighter coach you can focus more on listening, partnering and fostering strengths and skills in your clients.

The best gift we can give our clients is ownership.  This is true coaching, true skill transfer.