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Who wants to eat a stale moldy muffin? Not me, and likely not you.

As a passionate bunch we attend to the new and exciting. Coming back to actions, projects and conversations (follow-up) is another challenge unique to ADHD and a crucial practice for ongoing success. Rarely an important project fits the one-and-done template. Important stuff takes time and multiple engagements. Take the same challenges of Activating, add the “Moldy Muffin” phenomenon and we can see why Re-activating can be such a challenge.

Mixing metaphors here, but underneath that moldy muffin exterior is likely a Big Rock - really important stuff.

Some fixes to keep your muffins fresh.

Start with developing your own creative processes.

  • Diversify motivators beyond urgency and chasing stimulation. Curiosity, choice, context (why this really matters) and time can be powerful allies.

  • Re-clarify the significance of completing this muffin to help knock some of the mold off - I talked about maintaining these priorities in an earlier post. Get clear on what you want and get from this completion (not others). Consider "Benefit of Outcome". Visualize the project from this perspective of successful completion.

  • Identify if there is an underlying emotional obstacle: Fear of conflict or ‘looking bad’? This may be your creative brain creating all kinds of creative assumptions (none of which are true).

  • Jettison muffins that are no longer relevant. What we commit to does not always remain a priority. Procrastination can be a healthy way to jettison old has-been ideas.

  • Step past the belief that excitement and novelty only come from new endeavors. This is your dopamine hungry brain telling you a fib. Don't give so much power to words like 'Boring' or 'Mundane'. You may need to do a little work before the excitement is revealed.

  • Trust that you will find fulfillment in reengaging a Big Rock to a completion point.

  • Activate to shift from thinking/planning into action/engagement.

  • Work to a defined ‘next action’ ala David Allen.

  • Locate support through dialogue, delegation and collaboration. Nothing helps our attenders like another set of eyes and ears.

Cam Secret - Behind every significant project I have completed (presentations, class content, and this blog) is a successful collaboration where roles are defined, strengths are acknowledged and a creative process is practiced. This is part of my own success formula.