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I often refer to completion as ‘landing the plane’. When it comes to inspiration, smart people with ADHD will often subscribe to the saying ‘use it or lose it’, and work not to a completion point, but till they run out of fuel. Planes that run out of fuel are not a good thing. Likewise, someone working to total depletion can leave the individual in recovery phase for days after the crash.

Does your evening work departure time vary depending on your energy level? By how much? A little? A lot? Chances are you are not ‘landing the plane’ on a regular basis.

Completing tasks is another form of transition, and like the old Ford Tri-motor airplane, Global-Creatives can be super dependable once we get going, but we really struggle to find a stopping place.

I am not suggesting ditching the super intense work sessions. I still use them. But, I use them to a defined stopping point.

Tomorrow is always another command-performance day with the same expectations as today. Landing the plane with some fuel in the tank will allow for faster recoveries, and for quicker take-offs the next day.

Here is a little inside information: Big Rocks are big for a reason. They take time to conceive, activate and complete. But we often approach them in an urgent manner. Don’t fool yourself. There is no urgency in completing a Big Rock. Set aside the urgency, stop working a Big Rock task with a little fuel left in the tank and see what shows up.

Likely, some inspiration, creativity and some bounce to relaunch the next day.