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REBEL: An ADHD Tool for Productivity


A process that I embrace is called REBEL. It's an ADHD tool I developed long ago to bring more consistent productivity to my day. I now share it with all my new clients. It addresses 5 key areas where ADHD can create gaps - Memory, Mindset, Taking Action, Time and Too Many Options. Much like Covey's Habits, REBEL is also what I call a Best Practice.

As you read through and get to know REBEL, think about what you are doing, or would like to do, in each area.

R - Remember to Remind the Brain

Memory is a big component of ADD. Remind self of values, commitments/intentions, strategies/best practices, worst practices, what you are up to-priorities, work actions that contribute to: bottom line, adding value for customer, contributing to development Weekly Review is excellent opportunity to do this. It offsets the pull of the immediate.

E - Expand the Mind

Expand what is possible. Our black and white thinking tells us there are two options: full out or dead stop. There is a middle ground to explore. Loosen up vs. tighten down. We tend to just try harder when we run into an obstacle. This is about trying different. A more practical exercise is to literally empty the brain-get stuff out of head and in to safe place. Develop a reliable task & time manager outside the head.

B - Balanced Attack

Exercise the weak muscle. Jump in too quickly into action? Practice stepping back and pausing. Hesitate to step into action? Practice engaging actions to defined step off points. Set aside time to plan, review, remember, reflect, adjust, organize, prioritize. Tracking may not be a strong suit but you can develop ways to manage and track papers and information. Commit to regular practice of something hard, something different, something meaningful. Often they can be one in the same.

E- Exposure

Exposure of time - How do you get things done? How do you not get things done? Where are you efficient and effective?  What are your Alice-In-Wonderland rabbit holes (where time just disappears)? Find time-bleeders. Locate distractions and turn into intentions.

Exposure to new experiences - Get out there and do it. Too much planning will kill good actions. Put the ball in play!

L - Limit Scope

A necessity in order to complete. When we say 'no' to one thing we say 'yes' to something else. When completion replaces urgency as a motivator we move to a new level of operating that includes choice and creativity.