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Accountability Conversations

My coaching 'tea leaves' are steeping in accountability right now. I just finished teaching Advanced Practices in Accountability for Coach Approach for Organizers with an amazingly dedicated group of organizer coaches.  I'm also teaming up with Casey Moore, ACC, COC on our favorite topic - Curious Accountability!

Coach, organizer or organizer coach - Regardless of who you are and who you work with, your clients are wanting accountability.

Do you have an effective positive process you can engage when you client doesn't do what they say they will do?

We do and we want to share it with you.

We are offering a 1/2 day workshop in Richmond, VA in September at Stratford University.

Accountability Conversations: Create Powerful Partnerships with Your Clients

This will be an ICF approved training and if you mention this blog you can get in on the early bird special that ends July 1.

What kind of conversations do you have with your clients about accountability?  Do you find yourself avoiding these conversations? What's the opportunity here?

Our clients come to coaching in part for accountability. Conversation number 1, of our 3 Conversation Formula is all about addressing accountability upfront with clients.  As you explore goals and expectations developing key agreements with your clients in the intake session speak directly to their concept of accountability and how it might be different, more positive and effective.

What does accountability mean to them?  Can it be shifted to a more positive perspective?

Finally as you co-create agreements with your clients, develop one around accountability and effective support.  Both you and your clients will be more powerful partners as a result.

Want more?  Sign up for the workshop in Richmond!