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Inertia, Momentum, Hope and Reserve


Not the greatest at nudging the ‘big rig’ into gear, innovators with ADHD can really struggle with inertia.  Many professionals come to coaching seeking to develop tools for consistency and  momentum.  A handy formula I created is a simple reminder of what is essential for momentum.

Hope + Reserve = Momentum.

Those with ADHD are a resilient bunch so hope is often in abundance.  Our rosy outlook in the face of countless setbacks is a unique characteristic of ADHD.  The distracting nature of the disorder that takes us off our game can also insulate us from the worst harm and pain.  We tend to get up and look forward again.  Attitude is really the present tense of hope.

Attitude is a huge player in activation for task.

Reserve is another matter.  Trying to hold together multiple commitments of a high level job,we are susceptible to overwhelm (the really bad guy in ADHD management).  When we are pushing the limits, our reserve is often the last thing on our minds.

Yet reserve, like fuel in the tank, will take us to our destination.

Building reserve takes forethought and patience.  It won't happen overnight but the payoff is huge, especially in stress reduction.

Start with a little space and fill that space with some rewarding self care.  Two areas I focus on are exercise and sleep.  Start with these two, and you will see a difference in your reserve levels almost immediately.

So hope on the front end and reserve on the back end will carry us forward!