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Reframe Your Brain

Developing brain awareness is a smart move for the Professional with ADHD. The overworked Global Creative unfortunately can be focused on what her brain does not do. This is a very limiting perspective.

To continue our car/brain analogy we can focus on all the parts that are not working or have never worked. What we focus on we elevate. Maintaining this perspective, we can easily envision a rust bucket on cinder blocks.

The ADHD Brain Viewed from a Powerful Perspective

To get an accurate read on your brain begin with shifting your perspective. Start with what your brain (you) does well. Capture its preferences and strength areas. Check in with others to get their feedback – where you bring ‘stand out’ value.

When we are fighting fires in crisis mode it’s difficult to get quality time in a strength area such as creating, collaborating, etc. Commit to this practice even if it’s only a couple of hours a week.

Here’s the deal. We want others to see you spending time in your strength areas so they can start to anticipate and support and – most importantly – do the things that are not a part of your repertoire.

Stop giving so much attention to the parts of your car that don’t work and give more attention to the parts that do.

This is what we call ‘reframing’ in coach speak. Working to your strengths is an important role distinction and it’s also good ADHD management.

Some additional resources:

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Ned Hallowell is a respected practitioner who provides accurate ADHD information with more of a positive spin.