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Leading with Coaching Presence

The ICF Core Competencies are an excellent guide for practicing consistent coaching standards. But if you are relatively new to coaching, the competencies can be a challenge to convert into excellent coaching practices. Often coaches approach them in a linear fashion beginning at the top with Establishing Agreement and then addressing the rest in order. Approaching the competencies from a more holistic approach may prove to be more beneficial. I encourage my mentor students to access the core competencies through competency number four - Coaching Presence. It's very difficult to establish agreement and create trust and intimacy with a client when you're not practicing coaching presence. From coaching presence one can access powerful listening and questioning resulting in greater awareness. So consider what coaching presence is for you.  Coaching presence for me is how I show up - open, curious and...present. Reserve is a huge contributor to coaching presence and self-care creates reserve. So the next time you work with a client pay attention to your coaching presence. Lead with it and notice how leading with coaching presence bolsters competence and confidence in other core competencies.