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Roadmap for the Global Creative Leader


Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.29.43 PM Having natural leadership skills is not enough to lead effectively.  For Global Creatives, a prompting tool like this client-inspired roadmap can remind us of specific strategies to initiate good leadership practices and hit the leadership 'landmarks' we need to hit on a regular basis.  Notice that there are reminders, affirmations but also questions - questions to ask others and questions to prompt our own strategic pro-active thinking.  Questions tap into curiosity which leads the way to creativity.

Be confident, be the leader that I am. Focus on attracting other like minded people.

Don't worry about what others may think.  80% of them like me and want me to lead.  The other 20% are not worth my time, energy or attention. The other 20% kill 100% of my creativity!

Trust my creative instincts.

Share my vision and ask what others' visions are.  Give them something to "get with".

Having the vision is not enough. Take the time to distill the vision into digestible chunks.

Don’t share everything right now in this meeting!

Context, Context, Context

How is this related to our bigger goals?

Foster teamwork and decide as a group what we're going to do and how.

Start with me.  Will I see this through to the end?  Is it inline with what I am trying to do?

Identify and access resources.  

How/what would you like to contribute?

Discuss expectations and identify measurements of completion.  How will we know we are successful?

Discuss what happens if we meet these expectations.

Discuss what happens if we do not meet these expectations.

Notice my desire to expect more than is necessary.  Attend to this 'expectation gap'.

Clearly communicate what roles I will and will not play

Inspire, influence, delegate - including clear expectations and accountability.  Set the stage! Model for others.

Accept that my leadership skills and role as leader are valuable, important and more than enough contribution.  I don't have to DO everything.  

Limit scope.  

Do not equate value with just doing.

Remember that conductors rarely play an instrument.  Leaders spend their time orchestrating the big picture, delegating responsibilities and tracking them to completion.  In any group effort, distinguish the various roles I will play from those that I'm not willing to.  Do this in advance so that I'm ready to communicate it when the time comes.

Delegate all the time, not just when I'm maxed out.  It's not "passing the buck".  

Notice if I seem to lack confidence or have an urge not to impose.  Remind myself of the value of staying within my designated roles.  Resist the urge to "jump in".

Attend to the “up ramps and down ramps” of all projects and follow-up with their follow-through!

What is happening?

Where are we now?

What is good?

What do you need to continue forward?

Have we met our goal?

Have fun

Enough said.