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What's Your Work/Love Index?

heart Are you feeling the love when you walk into work? When you walk out of work?

How would you rate your work/love index on a 5 pt scale?

What exactly do love and work have to do with each other Cam?

Top factors for job satisfaction and motivation are:

  • a sense of belonging
  • a feeling of appreciation
  • a feeling of support around problem-solving

When we feel the love we feel a sense of belonging, a sense of common vision.  We feel empowered to contribute in meaningful ways.  When we don't feel the love we want to be anywhere but here.  No interest and zero motivation!

For the Global Creative there are additional brain matters at hand related to loving your work.  Appreciation and attention are inexorably entwined.   When people give you attention you feel appreciated.  When you feel appreciated you can better attend to your daily interests - the people you work with, the initiatives that you are in charge of, etc.  When you feel appreciated you can appreciate others.

Additionally, for the global creative it’s really hard to create a vision, communicate that vision and implement that vision without a sense of belonging and appreciation. When we’re feeling appreciated and we feel like we count we are inspired. Inspiration is the starting place for all great work.

Wanting more love in the workspace?  Start with showing gratitude and appreciation for your coworkers and they will return the favor.  Put some time and attention on a project that really matters to you, something you can champion and move forward.  Don't make someone else's urgency your urgency.

If the environment is not conducive for gratitude, appreciation and personally satisfying work then you may want to rethink whether this is the place you want to spend your time.

Bottomline - we spend lots of time thinking about and doing our work.  Feeling the love here makes for a better more rewarding experience.  And you deserve it!