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Ingredients of a Brilliant Day


You had another one didn’t you?  A brilliant day where everything seemed to click and flow.  You got done what you wanted to get done and even more.  A real sense of accomplishment.  Unfortunately they don’t happen enough for you.  This is understandable since ADHD challenges around managing task and time will impact consistency over a long period of time.

Often we are mystified how these brilliant days happen and frustrated why we can’t duplicate them more often.  Planets aligned? Possibly. It's more likely that you did some very important things in a certain order to create this successful day.  In other words you created and followed a winning process.

Like a good soup a brilliant day has the right mix of essential ingredients:

  • Clarity and Priority of task

  • Good interactions with people you respect with roles defined

  • A good dose of operating from a position of competence and understanding (operating in your strengths).

Want to have more brilliant days?  Then unpack the ones you have had and get curious about what you did different.  Be curious about the process operating in the background, the people you engaged with.  Understanding and appreciating process can be challenging for the Global Creative but useful information will be revealed if you turn your attention in this direction.  Be patient and wait for a pattern to emerge.  It will and the formula for success is likely simpler than you originally thought.