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3 Daily Practices to Become More Efficient


Dan Blank’s article,Searching for Tim Cook’s Energy Bar is an entertaining and insightful read that Global Creatives can benefit from immediately. The main thrust of this article is that daily practices lead to powerful results. Global Creatives can fall into a lifehack mindset looking for a quick solution to complex challenges.Dan offers three areas to focus on:

  • Optimize for energy and not time or money.

  • Take a more proactive approach to communicating with allies.

  • Do an ‘Energy Audit’ to identify the best times in the day to work on tough tasks.

In Emotion, Decision Making and The 3 Dark Horsemen, I suggest not always listening to your negative feelings when deciding what to do.Dan presents a great perspective shift here to consider the times when your energy is at maximum and align tough work with this time period.

In order to time block effectively, you first need to understand your own emotional habits and preferences as they relate to time. Do an energy audit, which gives you the data you need to begin making decisions around your actions. What are your best hours and how are you using them?

I like this because it is shifting away from the blunt-force approach we Global Creatives can fall into when approaching tough tasks. The idea of an Energy Audit is brilliant because it invites a strategic pause to the work day.

Read the full article by Dan Blank HERE.