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Supporting Effective Use of Time


Coaches - The coaching opportunity with the 'musical chairs challenge with time' is to stop the music and identify the chairs most important to the client.  The coaching session is a wonderful moment in the week for the client to push the pause button on the frenetic movements through the week and reflect on  the chairs that got good sit time, the chairs that need good sit time and the chairs that just need to go away.   Take time to align the important chairs with the time available.  A new client just found out that 40% of his time at his new job will be given away to meetings and items not on his action list.  That's 4 out of 10 chairs now occupied permanently.  It really highlights the importance of carefully paying attention to the other 6 and accurately managing 'time expectation'!

The other significant coaching opportunity is to support effective chair sitting - good time on the right task through the week.  This is one of those signature challenges people with ADHD are wanting support around.  How do you do this with your clients?