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Systems for the Creative Leader: A Three Part Podcast


Are you a creative individual who has big plans and ideas but struggle with making them happen?

Do you recoil at the mention of the term "systems"?

You are not alone.

Systems are essential for everything from effective customer management to better time management and are necessary to scale your work output and make the most of time. Masters of the immediate and of the big picture, creative leaders as a group (and what I refer to as Global Creatives in this blog) can struggle with implementing and sustaining necessary systems. Join productivity expert Marina Darlow and myself, Cameron Gott, as we discuss systems and why they can be such a challenge for the creative leader.

I really enjoyed collaborating with Marina on this project. In Episode One, Marina and I explore a series of interesting topics:

  • I define exactly who fits the profile of a creative leader and how brain processing styles can influence system success.

  • Marina defines what exactly a system is distinguishing two key characteristics.

  • We both discuss how systems can be a challenge for the creative leader to implement and sustain.

I hope you enjoy this series and feel free to pass it on to a friend!

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