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Rose Bushes and the Power of Pruning


This week as I focus on preparing for a presentation for ACO and a book project on accountability with my colleague Casey Moore, I'd like to share a blog post by executive coach Clare McNamara. Clare's post, What Rose Bushes Reveal About Focus and Creativity, was inspired in part by one of my earlier posts, Melons and Landings, Focus and Followthrough and focuses on the importance of prioritizing on the most important things. I love how Clare builds on my metaphor of prioritizing projects (melons) with the healthy rose bush metaphor as she explores the challenges facing professional women who "are leading a world at work and a world at home".

And we know that women with ADHD and similar brain-wiring can be great at masking the effort they are putting into keeping order and making sure everyone else is on track.

- Clare McNamara

Moving melons (getting things done) on the home front can be doubly challenging because there is no set of stairs already in place like in the workplace. Job roles and expectations create natural structures to move melons on the work front. On the home front the melon hauler not only has to construct her own 'staircase' but often deal with the lofty expectations set forth both internally and externally (exacerbated by ADHD no less). Clare shares some wonderful Rose Bush Lessons that are immediately applicable and remind me of an element of the REBEL process - Limit scope.

Read Clare's article HERE and enjoy!