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ADHD Awareness Month

Below is my rather silly outtake clip from my video contribution to a worthy cause.

October is ADHD Awareness Month and the ADHD Community will be coming together online at the 9th Annual Online ADHD Awareness Expo. Some of the World's Leading (no kidding) ADHD Experts will be sharing via video their favorite Tips and Strategies on how to live Successfully with ADHD.

I've participated before because I am a firm believer in the power of awareness and that learning about one's ADHD is the first step to having a different outcome.  This year I went really big with my topic -

Cam's All Time Top 3 for Succeeding with ADHD

A bit audacious I know but when I considered possible tips I settled on three that I think are central to succeeding with ADHD.  As I reflected on past clients, the most successful have employed these specific strategies on a consistent basis.

Sorry I can't share the video right now (likely out mid October) but I will say they have to do with life-long learning, positive structures and context. And if you sign up at the link below you can not only see my video but also see videos from leading experts providing great strategies including Ned Hallowell MD, Laurie Dupar, Melissa Orlov, Alan Brown and Eric Tivers, Linda Roggli and Ari Tuckman.

The best part is that it is free.  Hope you can make time for it.

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