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Business Coach or ADHD Coach for Business?

It’s not uncommon for someone starting a business, growing a business or hoping to strike a sustainable work/life balance  to need professional support. In choosing a coach, a professional with ADHD needs to consider the question:

Do I hire a business coach or hire an ADHD coach who specializes in business?

An ADHD Coach for Business is different from a traditional business coach

This is a frequent topic of discussion with potential clients. The answer involves getting clear on the what, how and when.

Get a business coach if you need clarity on what you are creating, and if you need support in Business 101 topics such as developing effective business and marketing plans.

Get an ADHD coach if you have the what of business dialed in, but struggle with the how and when.

Often you pay a business coach for his business expertise. The focus – and the challenge – is centered around business issues and developing a winning approach based on popular positive psychology – “winning attitude”, etc.

My ideal business clients are successful business owners who know what they want, but struggle with when and how they go about doing it. Their success is real, but it often comes at a great cost in time, energy and resources.

Clients come to coaching with their fuel tank on empty, exhausted from the multiple demands in running a business. Sustained professional success demands a skill set in timing and execution: choosing and engaging the best possible actions to a completion point – a place to hand off or set down the task – at the best possible time.

ADHD disrupts this process having the individual engage too long – “Why wont he stop talking!” or engage too short or not at all – “He said he’d have the proposal delivered today! Where is it? Where is he?!”

An ADHD coach helps business owners tackle this process by focusing with the client to help them understand the gap areas related to ADHD challenges – time and resource estimation, prioritization and execution.

Getting an ADHD coach who specializes in business will help you get clear on the impact of the ADHD, make a plan to ‘work around’ them, and get things done.

If you know what you want, but struggle with getting it done, get an ADHD coach.