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Five Coaching Tips to Immediately Boost your Coaching Presence

1. Embrace ‘Powerful Witness’ Let go of being polite – your client did not hire you to be polite. They hired you to reflect their truth. ‘Powerful Witness’ is someone who truly believes their client is naturally creative resourceful and whole.

2. Let go of being the drill sergeant

This will not foster client independence. Ask them to step boldly into their driver seat.

3. Be curious about your client’s Big Agenda

Clients don’t hire us to organize their closets or manage time. Be curious about what the client gets with this goal achieved – Order? Peace of mind? Simplicity? Our clients are not always tuned to their Big Agenda due to the static that shows up every day. It’s our job to be curious about their Big Agenda.

4. Get accurate feedback on your own coaching

Record and listen to your coaching calls. Listen as an observer quantifying what you do well and where you need improvement. Better yet, have a peer coach or a mentor coach review your work.

5. Locate ‘You’ in the call

Get clear on your best attributes and bring them into the relationship. This is not about ‘The Expert’. This is about who you are at the core. Coaching is not sterile work. You have a lot to offer. Defining you as ‘Coach’ will help you as coach develop your voice and will also give your clients uncompromising value.


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