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Are You a Global Creative?

Many folks ask about the term ‘Global Creative’ and how it relates to professionals with ADHD.

Global in Vision, Creative in Action

Global Creative is a descriptor many individuals with ADHD or ADHD tendencies can identify with.* The term refers to the way smart innovators with ADHD process information – globally or associatively, not sequentially –  and how they take action  - creatively, not systematically.

Global Creatives find success across a spectrum of professions. Because of their processing style, Global Creatives often see and make important connections that others do not.

On the flip side, Global Creatives can witness a "stranger in a strange land" phenomenon .   It's no surprise. The world around us favors a linear or sequential approach.  Global Creatives can struggle with sequential-intense processes like time and tracking.  They often are challenged by getting their goods to market, especially those that really matter: the proposal for new business, the journal article, the strategic plan for growing the business, the essential self-care. They can also struggle with work/life balance spending more hours on work than they wish.

Global Creatives often produce many more ideas than they can possibly complete. The result is numerous incomplete projects, a propensity to default into a ‘latest and loudest’ task completion mode and a sense of overwhelm.

Coaching is an excellent resource to help facilitate timely completion of your important projects, and to foster the shifts you want towards greater work sustainability. With coaching, Global Creatives are able to focus their attention and efforts on strength areas  such as leadership, creative and innovative production, and minimize the typical challenge areas such as detail work and physical organization. Coaching is a partnership that expedites the learning process and focuses on turning a client’s blueprints into their 3 dimensional dream.

The most successful Global Creatives operate within their most effective roles and identify and develop resources to fulfill ineffective but necessary roles.


*This is in no way suggesting that ADHD is not real. ADHD or ADD is a very real disorder. In the midst of the disease individuals with ADHD can lose sight of their many positive attributes. Part of the mission of the blog is to bring a balanced and innovative perspective to the ADHD resource mix.