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Why “Just Do It!” Doesn’t Always Work

Many innovators with ADHD tendencies - Global Creatives -  can really get stuck on timely execution. ”I can’t seem to pull the trigger, Cam!” is something I often hear.

Many coaches and productivity gurus like Steven Covey who are not familiar with ADHD tend to exacerbate this situation by focusing on 'Just Pulling the Trigger’.

They speak of discipline, desire and necessary risk.

This is understandable when clients are dealing with hesitancy or resistance.  ”Just Do It” is an effective strategy to move clients into action.  As an accountability and completion specialist, I often resort to this approach especially when clients get stuck in the “Why?” hole of excessive thinking.

A New Perspective

However, when we hyper-focus on the act of pulling the trigger, we can fail to notice the trigger itself.  In considering ADHD, we have to appreciate the underlying neurobiology.

ADHD makes us less aware of processes.  Moving into action, or pulling the trigger, is only one phase of a larger process.

How can you pull the trigger when the trigger has not been assembled?

So when you get stuck and can’t ‘pull the trigger’, pause and take a moment to see what your trigger really looks like: What does it really mean to pull the trigger? What is that process?

Set aside 15 minutes to look at what goes into a reliable trigger.

Moving from planning into action is a transition and transitions are notoriously challenging for people with ADHD.  Plan for and anticipate the 'pain portal' of transitioning into task.  It's real, but it is also brief.

Map the trigger out in the context of the larger process. Be curious about it, because when we get curious about something, we tend to find answers.

Let go of the “this will be boring” self-talk.

What resources have you not thought of yet?

Better yet, look at this with someone who appreciates the value you add to your organization.  Brainstorming with others can be greatly beneficial.

Use your Global Creative skill set to look beyond phrases ‘Pull the Trigger’ and “Just Do It!” to understand what they really mean for you.