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Rewards: How is your work giving back?

What reward are you overlooking? You give to your work.

Is your work giving back?

Are you getting the ROI you always hoped for?

For much of our adult lives we give time, attention and energy to our craft.

How is your craft giving back to you? How, in addition to financial security?

For Global Creatives, jobs can be rewarding but often we have to be on the lookout for the more subtle rewards. When our attention is on results and ‘doing’ we can lose sight of the larger objectives. These objectives, however, are an important fuel to sustaining our efforts over the long haul. As you give to your job be sure to make space for receiving.

As I set up my own business in a home office 12 years ago I noted 2 key values I wanted to honor: flexibility and family. With my own business, I can set my own hours. Flexibility is something that my job gives me, but sometimes I don’t recognize it in the moment. If I don’t recognize it then I can't capitalize on it. In the midst of the urgent and the long task list I can forget how my job can reward me. It doesn’t take long for me to remember this, however, when I come up after spending too much time doing the more mundane office tasks and feel a tension in the middle of my back.

That’s when I remember to take some time to get out of the house go for a ride or visit with my five-year-old daughter who’s right upstairs.

Sometimes our payoffs are not just financial. Sometimes we need to be intentional about our payoffs. So take this moment as an invitation to be curious about what other ways your job can give back and reward you.