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As a professional working with ADHD clients, it is my responsibility to educate and deliver accurate and reliable information to my clients. I never forget that behind the time struggles, the overwhelm and frustration, there is a creative and resourceful person who can flourish with the right bit of accurate information and support.

Last month, CHADDs annual conference was held just up the road in DC. For me, it was a no brainer to go.

If you work with people with ADHD, educating is one of the key areas to employ beyond the standard coaching repertoire, and CHADD is the pre-eminent center for ADHD education.  It is an excellent source to learn about ADHD and connect with a group with a singular mission.  In CHADD, I see a group dedicated to educating and informing the public around the facts of ADHD. With their strict adherence to research based treatments and interventions, no one can beat CHADD with accurate numbers and statistics.

The public at large is inundated by a plethora of inaccurate ADHD information spewed forth from ignorant and misinformed mouths. CHADD stands tall on the front-line pushing back this tide with an approach based on irrefutable truth and unrelenting compassion.  If you work with ADHD clients or you have ADHD, tap CHADD as a resource.

In addition to the standard offerings from a CHADD conference, I also saw refreshing shifts, especially more acceptance of the efficacy of my trade - ADHD coaching. They seem to get the value of ‘Big C’ Coaching that emphasizes whole person: strength-based coaching with proven ADHD work-arounds. This encourages me to no end.

For now, I leave the conference behind armed with new information from surprising resources that I can apply directly to my coaching work. I leave inspired after connecting with so many passionate individuals dedicated to making a positive difference in those who struggle with ADHD. I leave energized to go forth and make a difference in a field in need in accurate information, dedicated souls and positive energy.