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Shifting Mindsets: How Organizers Connect with their Clients

I just finished teaching Coach Approach for Organizers'  Coaching Essentials course with Andrea Sharb.  It was really fun to witness all the learning in the last few weeks.  The light bulbs illuminated the classroom!

For the students, it’s been eight weeks of toil and triumphs, bumps and breakthroughs, and new understandings. In particular, the students realized they've gained something more than just a set of new skills to add to their organizing toolkit - they now possess a powerful new way to connect with their clients: in partnership.

For many professionals, the idea of partnering with a client can feel too vulnerable.

“I like being a resource to my clients, the dispenser of knowledge and information.”

It is an understandable perspective.

Professional Organizers who start coaching training and are first asked to set aside their ‘expert’ and partner with their clients, often have the mindset “But, I could lose so much...”  

The ‘light bulb’ for  this group of twelve professional organizers is a profound and real shift to “Look at all I have to gain!”

The gain is, in part, a recognition that there are now two resources in the room:  the organizer with her skillset and expertise, and the client with her numerous strengths and resources. This new awareness makes space for a new and refreshing way of engaging with the client.

Curious about those light bulbs?  Ask one of our recent Coaching Essentials students or our Foundation graduates about their own unique shift.

For more information, visit the Coach Approach for Organizers Website, or send me a message!