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Celebrating a Completion

As a follow-thru coach, it’s important from time to time to acknowledge my own important completions. As I do so, I am reminded that the power of completion is not just about reaching the intended goal, but it’s also about recognizing opportunities and choices from this new place.

Completion has the power to shift your reality

I am reminded of the power of collaborative effort. The great completions of our time required visionaries like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, but they also required teams of dedicated individuals who supported the vision through to a real completion point - cars driving off the assembly line or lightbulbs sustaining their burn. As a coach, I am a sole proprietor, but all of the major completions I have been involved in over the last ten years have been collaborative efforts where I have taken both lead and supportive roles. The two guys in the garage laboring away is a nice story but belies the core principles of effective completion - collaboration, communication and engagement to real completion points.

The coaching training program I helped Denslow Brown start 8 years ago, Coach Approach for Organizers, has met a significant credentialing milestone: it has been approved by the main coaching regulatory organization, International Coach Federation as an Approved Coach Specific Training Hours program.

Hats off to Denslow for setting aside precious time this past summer to focus all of her efforts on completing the arduous application process.

Credibility and peace of mind for our students

Coach Approach is now recognized by ICF as an Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) program. What does this mean? It means our program meets ICFs stringent coach training hours and provides our students peace of mind that they can submit an application knowing that all of their Coach Approach hours will be accepted by the ICF.

“...Students can apply for ICF credentialing with more confidence, even though our training has always met ICF standards and been accepted by those applying for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. The biggest impact of this ICF approval might be on prospective students who will be reassured by this outside and official approval of our coaching program…” - Denslow Brown

Validation for Coach Approach

Meeting ICF’s stringent criteria is validation and justification for the thousands of hours Denslow and I have spent in developing and delivering our coaching program and courses. Even though we tailor the training to professional organizers, the training from the start was envisioned as a coaching program. From the get-go, we used the ICF Core Competencies as the guiding framework for all of our training.

Greener Pastures

The current ACSTH accreditation level is a great feather in our cap. But more importantly, it positions us nicely to achieve the more robust Accredited Coach Training Program accreditation offered through ICF.

We are grateful for what we have accomplished and it’s nice to pause and reflect on past efforts, but we are not resting as we continue to strive for excellence in all of our coach training programs.