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How do you talk 'Change'?


What kind of conversations are you having with your clients around their intentions and commitments?

What language do you find to be most effective?

How do you incorporate discussion around accountability and effective coaching support?

When are these conversations happening?

How do you talk 'Change'  with your clients?

In three separate coaching classes I'm teaching this week, I am noticing some common themes and the importance of these types of conversations.

Our clients come to coaching because they've run into a wall,  what used to work is no longer working, and they want change.

Before you rush to get them over the wall and activate their plan, take some time to discuss the very attributes that contribute to successful wall climbing and change:

  • - expectations and goal setting
  • - choices
  • - commitments
  • - focus and attention
  • - mindset and perspectives
  • - planning
  • - taking action
  • - evaluation (accountability)

Don't expect your client to bring these up.  Their job is to want change.  Your job as coach is to hold and share a process for change.

Keep your eye (and your client's eye) on the prize to help your client become a more resourceful wall climber.  Do this, and the change will come.