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Powerful Questions vs. ADHD Myths

I asked a client a powerful question the other day: "How's your brain?"

Powerful question, Cam?

For him it is. He understands that his brain is big part of whether the day - of running his midsize business - is a success or not.

After some careful consideration he replied, "It's good".  "What's good?"  And away we went!

This is powerful because it is a relevant question, which was not always the case for my client.

Before we met, his brain was a swirl of thought, emotion, indecision and doubt but through consistent coaching support and ADHD education he is becoming the master and commander of his brain.

Like politics, all ADHD is local.  It  impacts each and everyone of our clients in a unique way.

We coaches with our real and necessary skills in both coaching and ADHD education have an opportunity to partner, listen and support our clients to the destinations they desire.

Recent claims in the media (and not so recent) suggest ADHD is over-prescribed or doesn't exist at all.

Opinions vary widely on the reality of ADHD.

This is what I know:

The struggle for our clients is very much a reality.

The struggle is brain-based in origin.

The struggles can be grouped into a unique set of symptoms characterized by challenges in the management and regulation in the executive function part of the brain that impact a very real subset of the population (5%).

It really doesn't matter what we call it.  It's something our clients face everyday.

Keep supporting your clients everyday to help them overcome these challenges and keep supporting yourself in your own professional development through ADHD and Coaching training.

More than ever our clients need a calm, informed resource to help them see a way forward.