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Covey's 6th Habit - Synergize: Valuing Differences

This is part of my Guru Talk series, deciphering Stephen Covey’s 7-Habits of  Highly Successful People In Covey's 6th Habit, he states:

Valuing differences is what really drives synergy. Do you truly value the mental, emotional, and psychological differences among people?

Get really clear on how you contribute.

How do you add value?

Accepting limitations is a starting point. Unfortunately, this can go against the ADHD professional's inherent brain chemistry, where on certain days they want to ‘Do it all’.

Challenge the ‘Do it all’ mindset.

Does it really work?

Do you end up with very real completions?

Or are you just putting out fires?

Do not try to be who you are not.

Get clear on your unique offering and deliver. Get clear on your team’s unique offerings and make the request that they deliver too.