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Covey's 5th Habit and the ‘Flywheel-Kaleidoscope’ Phenomenon

This is part of my Guru Talk series, deciphering Stephen Covey’s 7-Habits of  Highly Successful People Many people can leave a conversation or a meeting with a Global Creative scratching their heads.

“Did they hear a word I said?” “Where did the conversation just go?”

In Covey's 5th Habit: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood, his focus on effective communication as an essential habit makes sense. It's important to note his psychological perspective and his use of the term ‘autobiographical listening’.

For Global Creatives, there are some added neurobiological perspectives to consider around effective communication.

The first, is the ability to effectively manage the Flywheel-Kaleidoscope Phenomenon

Flywheel refers to the propensity to fall into ‘racing brain mode’ where speed is the false prophet the Global Creative prays to. This is your brain seeking stimulation to activate it, but only getting ‘cheap’ dopamine squirts.

Kaleidoscope refers to the infinite perspectives a professional with ADHD can use to visualize a problem. A subtle turn of the scope and out pops another possible solution to a single problem.

Add to this, the energy Global Creatives receive when sharing ideas and the results can be absolutely mind-numbing, leaving our listener overwhelmed, confused and, worst of all, with no outcome from the conversation.

No Completion.

I propose a simple Five Step Process for key meetings, or any conversation:

  • Set up the meeting (establish a frame)
  • Listen (manage your inner "interrupter")
  • Share your point
  • Capture take away
  • Close the meeting

Do not ‘accessorize’ the key message or take away - you can always follow up with another meeting.

Prepare beforehand. Get clear on your own talking points and the context of these points.

“What is my favored outcome?”

Don’t do your own strategic work with others in the room, unless they are a support person.

During the meeting, manage your excitability. Enthusiasm is good, overwhelm is not. Global Creatives can be excellent energy hunters, but remember to hunt in the appropriate places. There is energy in the key completions.

After the meeting, follow-up and delegate. Get clarity on the outcome and the agreements hammered out in the meeting. Immediately hand off to your competent support people.