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Balanced Attack II: Enlisting Help

‘Balanced Attack’ is a part of my productivity process called REBEL. Nothing bolsters a balanced attack at work like key support people in key areas.  It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that someone is bringing his or her unique talents and expertise to a specific problem while you focus on something else.  This is the definition of strategic support.

Unfortunately, Global Creatives can face some challenges around enlisting help.

One is mostly related to time. Another is related to our own take on enlisting help.

Basically the first one is a matter of time awareness – we don’t always realize we need help until it’s too late.  Enlisting help takes time to plan, organize and manage.  When we are busy fighting fires it’s super tough to stop and redirect our attention to identify and ask individuals or teams to offer strategic support.

The second challenge really has to do with the inner game we play between our ears – the constant dialogue suggesting what we can and cannot do.   Old beliefs about success or lack of confidence can get in the way of seeking strategic support.  I expand on this aspect in Linda Samuels', Ask the Expert Series this week.

Enlisting Help Practice

Enlisting help is good boundaries practice and management. With a little practice you to can start to enjoy the benefits of enlisting help.  Be aware, stay engaged and pay attention to your limits.

Be Open and Vulnerable – People can’t help if you won’t let them in.

Be Curious - Before we can identify resources to help us we need to identify the need for help.  Notice any old beliefs that get in the way when you consider seeking help.  Any ‘shoulds’ like “I should be able to do this by myself!”

Be Selective - Upgrade your community and surround yourself with individuals who celebrate you and see your strengths in spite of your challenges.  Limit access to those who judge, belittle or wont let you grow.  Limit access to those who attach conditions to the help they offer.

Be Specific with ‘the ask’ - Don’t hand it off completely.  Stay informed and stay present. Also make the ask earlier than you think you should.

Be Creative - The best help I ever received was the help I didn't expect.  Help shows up on wonderful and amazing ways but we have to be ready to identify it and receive it.

Be a Partner - Help doesn’t mean giving up responsibility or ultimate control.  Create mutual agreements with help partners defining roles and expectations with clear end points.   Partnering is a great way to both give and receive help for mutual support.

Don’t Panic – This is not a rescue event.  It’s tapping a key resource for a specific job for a specific period of time.  Keep your cool and breathe.  We need you in the captain’s chair.