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Practice the Change You Want to See

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”– Mahatma Gandhi

Fitting words for the change you want to see period.

Where do you want to see change? What about closer to home? In your life? In your day?

How will you practice the change you wish to see?

We humans love our ways of doing things or rather our brains love our ways of doing things. The brain is into self preservation and perceives change as a threat. Yet here are these habits you have developed over the years that have served their purpose. You are now shopping for some new habits – limiting procrastination, start exercising, etc.

As an ADHD coach I have come to realize that my clients are successful at turning an action into a habit when they:

(1) see the value of the action, and

(2) are successful completing the action.

One cannot know the value of an action without experiencing it. One can only experience it through practice. Suspending evaluation will suspend the doubting and second guessing. ”This is not working!” self-talk will shut down any attempt to “Be the change you want to see”.

So stop shopping for those new habits, and start practicing. Start practicing in small increments. Create a simple 4 week experiment with few variables. An AM routine to set the tone for the day, a 15 minute review at the end of the day. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is the consistent attempt at practicing this new habit and the willingness to suspend any evaluation until the end of the practice period. Enroll an accountability buddy. Making public your new intentions gives them power.