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Curious Accountability: Chapter One


Want to fundamentally shift the way you work with others around intention, commitment, agreements, expectations and accountability?

Curious Accountability: Three Coaching Conversations for Better Client Resultsprovides a step-by-step process for coaches to help clients understand how accountability can be a positive tool in getting their own meaningful work done.

Fellow coach and co-author Casey Moore and I have made it easier to learn more about the book by makingChapter 1 available here as a free download!


Please let us know what you think.  If you like what you see the book is available here for purchase.  Enter 'cam' in the promo-code for a $5 discount.

We are hearing some great feedback regarding the book to date!

From coach Barbara Bougher, author of Embracing Conscious Simplicity:

Curious Accountability is an excellent resource for any coach! Because traditional accountability is typically the default mode, engaging in productive, supportive conversations with our clients about accountability is a learned skilled. Cam and Casey’s valuable insights and methodology for accomplishing curious accountability go a long way to build and strengthen that skill and, in turn, makes me a better coach. The book has become a permanent part of my coaching toolkit.

Also a couple of cool things are happening as we share the Curious Accountability concept with the world.  I am finding wide interest in this concept of positive accountability from coaches, organizers, teachers, leaders, managers and mentors.  I am also finding that the concept is highly versatile. I apply it in all aspects of my work from individual coaching, mentoring, coach training and now in a class I teach for adults with ADHD through Melissa Orlov's ADHD Marriage website - New Habit Group Coaching.