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Curious Accountability Interview with Brendan Mahan

I really enjoyed a wide ranging conversation with podcaster Brendan Mahan on my book Curious Accountability.  We discuss how this positive approach to accountability can be beneficial not only to coaches and adults but also to parents and teachers who are raising and teaching ADHD children.  Bottomline - Accountability can be a positive structure developed between two individuals or within teams to create powerful agreements and get more done.

Brendan's Program Notes

We talk about his new book, Curious Accountability (co written with Casey Moore), as well as the trials of bringing unmedicated kids to Walmart, the importance and challenge of reflection, and what it was like for both of us growing up with ADHD. The conversation was excellent. I learned a great deal from it.  

Cameron’s book is phenomenal. Without geeking out about the whole thing, I really enjoyed the concepts of presence in “Curious Accountability Presence”, and the way the three conversations help frame out an effective communication style that can be used to talk to our kids about the challenges they face. Done right, it can limit the amount of intense confrontation and emotionality that so often derail those conversations.

The first chapter of our book can be found at: