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Succeeding with ADHD

Here is my video for ADHD Awareness MonthCam's All-Time Top 3 for Succeeding with ADHD is based on a rather intense scientific review. Actually, it was more informal but as I thought about the most successful individuals that I have coached over the years, I have found that they have consistently embraced these 3 practices. No time fort the video? No worries! I list the 3 below.

  1. Learn about your ADHD beyond the basics - ADHD impacts way beyond the basics of distractibility and forgetfulness. Learn about your own unique ADHD experience. I'm still learning about mine.

  2. Expand your definition of what structure can be. My study of coaching, agreements and accountability has informed me over the years. Your calendar will not deliver success like the agreements you have with key people in your life.

  3. Be a part of something bigger than you. We are wired for context. Global Creatives naturally aspire to be a part of some grander positive disruption. This has the makings of interest, passion and fulfillment.

Bonus Tip

Embrace your unconventional ways. Stop trying to conform to the conventional and step into how you do and think in your own unique manner.