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Who are your influencers?

Our influencers are the people that provide inspiration and guidance to us - from a successful morning launch to ending the day with a sense of accomplishment. I can name a few who I know well but also a few I don’t know at all. One of the cooler aspects of social media today is that it allows these leaders and influencers to share their best practices. This is a form of modeling that works really well. We Global Creatives thrive when we have viable and creative examples. When you read your favorite influencer’s posts look for common threads such as:

  • Knowing and working from your unique strengths

  • Knowing and addressing challenges head-on and proactively

  • Knowing your bigger “Why?” (this is context, our ADHD super-power)

  • Being a part of something bigger than yourself

  • Embracing a positive form of work (positive culture, positive people)

  • Recognizing the need for self-care

Here are 5 of my favorite influencers:

  1. Ray Dalio and his Work Principles

  2. Adam Grant and his Originals concept

  3. Malcolm Gladwell and his Outliers concept

  4. Tim Farris and his morning routine

  5. Seth Godin and his daily blog

Others worth calling out here are Stephen Covey, David Allen, and Daniel Pink.

A client sent me Sam Altman’s How to Be Successful manifesto. Not all of it resonates (like getting rich) but he makes some interesting distinctions. Sam discusses:

  • ‘rate of learning’ distinguishing linear vs. exponential opportunities (relevant for us visionary/big picture folks)

  • the value of self belief and self awareness

  • the value of being bold and willful

  • the significance of having an impact larger than ourselves

Who are your biggest influencers? I’d love to hear about them and how they influence you!