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ADHD Essentials Podcast with Brendan Mahan

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ADHD is a challenge that impacts and influences over the lifespan. ADHD Essentials Podcast host Brendan Mahan brings his expertise in working with parents and students to complement my work with leaders and professionals as we discuss essential concepts that parents can share with their children to plot a better, more rewarding path into a future with ADHD. Accurate information and awareness of what is actually happening are cornerstones (and a good starting place) of effective ADHD management.

In this podcast Brendan Mahan and I compare notes and discuss a wide range of topics:

  • Identifying and closing the ADHD awareness/learning gap

  • Stepping back from emotion and drama to appreciate key processes to effective engagement and completion

  • Emotional Intelligence and the ADHD dynamic in relationships

  • The power of curiosity and the mindset of a scientist

  • Journey thinking vs destination thinking and taking the long view

  • How we add bricks to the wall (referencing Brendan’s Wall of Awful concept)

  • The power of language and questioning in our communication.

Very fun and informative. Thanks Brendan!

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